About Keith Knutsson

The project provides sponsors with the chance to support many schoolroom celebrations for college students with the simplest group action and activity reports. Students with the foremost outstanding reports are placed in a very drawing for a free bicycle and helmet.With a Master of Business Administration from Columbia and INSEAD, i’m land capitalist presently primarily based in port of entry, Florida. Before this, I worked with Paris-based Sodipierre Finance, associate degree investment division of the biggest personal land holder in France, the Delaware Montemarte family.
Serving as a Sponsor capitalist and Co-Director, i used to be liable for giant land investments within the country. whereas primarily based in Paris, I conjointly worked as a advisor for Devon Self Storage Holdings (US), LLC and Bulgari Hotels and Resorts. In July 2005, I supported Integrale Advisors, Inc; because the firm’s manager, I pursues many large-scale land investment comes in residential, commercial, and lodging. I still work globally in many land markets, with a stress on Europe and therefore the us.

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