AeternoBlade 2 Directorâ € ™ s Rewind Is Coming Soon To PC With Free DLC Out Now

Publisher and developer AeternoBlade 2: Director’s Rewind from Corecell Technology, the sequel to the original AeternoBlade, will head to PC via Steam in the near future. The title was previously released on consoles, but now PC players will have the opportunity to return to the world of AeternoBlade.

AeternoBlade is a series of role-playing games with time manipulation, puzzle solving and side scrolling. The player must master the fight while solving tricky puzzles.

AeternoBlade 2 takes place after the events of the first match. Freyja returns with new characters. In the following, Freyja learns that the dimensions are starting to become unstable and that her reality has disappeared. This was caused by his previous actions, which changed the lines of the world. Now Freyja is fixing the problems she caused. AeternoBlade 2 Directorâ € ™ s Rewind Is Coming Soon To PC With Free DLC Out Now

Players will control three different heroes: Freyja, Bernard and Felix. Each character has a unique movement set and a different AeternoBlade that controls the past, present and future. While Freyja appeared in the previous game, Bernard and Felix go to the fortress of eternity to stop a disaster caused by a strange hole in the sky.

Previously, AeternoBlade 2 was released, but those on PC will be able to play the improved version. The new version is a huge overhaul of the original title with new content. Those who have only played the original AeternoBlade 2 can play Director’s Rewind Edition for a whole new experience.

AeternoBlade 2: Director’s Rewind is an upgrade from AeternoBlade 2. The game has improved time-combat synergies, revised combat movement sets, improved and alternative powers for each AeternoBlade, revised levels, encounters and puzzles, as well as other secrets to discover.