BetaDwarf Announces Minion Masters’ Next Expansion, Charging Into Darkness

Charging Into Darkness takes place just after saving Jadespark Jungle as it introduces a new adventure based on recruiting more allies to fight the Voidborne. A new adventure will arrive to answer this theme, with players helping the high-mage Leiliel to fight through the whispering woods to recruit his old friend, Lord Fanriel.

And with this introduction to the story of the legendary Lord Fanriel, we also have a glimpse of the first legendary of the new expansion! Lord Fanriel, the Stormcharger will be an 8-cost Crystal Elf servant with Mana Surge. When no enemy is near, Fanriel will start casting Stormcharge, which gives a movement speed of +4 and allows it to inflict double damage to the enemies with which it collides. Although he is a melee fighter limited to the ground, his high health and considerable damage makes him an extremely powerful addition to any deck, with great synergy to bring to a Crystal Elf deck.BetaDwarf Announces Minion Masters’ Next Expansion, Charging Into Darkness

When it comes to cards, however, everything BetaDwarf hints at so far! The next card will be a rare 7-cost building called Inactive Buildings, but the team will not provide any additional information on this for six more days.

This expansion will also include three season passes, each with its own set of rewards and exclusive items. Each Pass will be available for 1,500 Rubies, the premium currency of the game, and will last one month. A Pass includes fifty reward levels, including a new Legendary Master skin, exclusive emotes and avatars, and three new cards, as well as a large amount of experience and currency. If paying for a Pass isn’t like you, however, there is still a free Pass that will give rewards – although those rewards are less frequent and generally less impressive as well.