Kandi Burruss Wishes Her Lady Fans

Kandi Burruss made sure to post a motivational message for all of his fans and followers. Check out her post she shared on her social media account below.

‘Happy #InternationalWomensDay ❤️’ Kandi captioned his message.

A fan exclaimed: ‘I love it! Happy International Women’s Day, Kandi! Always inspiring us to be boss girls! and someone else posted this: ‘Happy International Women’s Day!’

Another commenter posted this: “Thank you for the inspiring words Happy Sunday
Kandi Burruss Wishes Her Lady Fans A Happy International Women’s Day
Someone else posted this: “ Thank you, Queen Happy International Women’s Day 💫 ”

One fan said, ‘You are definitely the woman who helped me when I am depressed by something that I will watch your videos and listen to your good album Kandi… I love you Kandi.’

Another Instagrammer told Kandi, “ You are one of those women! Such inspiration in many ways ”and someone else wrote,“ Thank you, we are blessed to be a blessing to each other, have a blessed day.

Another donor said to Kandi: “ Unfortunately, my mother is never an aunt or cousin, but the same goes for me: every woman who has shown compassion, affection and support !!! !! ”

A fan posted this: “ For Ms. Kandi, you are a beast, you keep the light of the way for all women of color. You are a very hard working woman, I was so impressed with your dedication to work ethic. Keep giving it to them year after year. Love and peace always. ”