Kourtney Kardashian Shares Beach Body Photos As She Poses On A Paddleboard

[1]Kourtney Kardashian reminds everyone that 41 is nothing but a number and when it comes to Kardashian’s older brother, it doesn’t make sense. Kourtney revealed that she doesn’t color her hair, and her raven black locks are all hers. Now she shows off her perfect figure on beach body photos that sees the mother of three posing solo in her bikini as well as with her friend. The photos are from Kourtney’s trip to Costa Rica and were shared by Splash News. Like many celebrities, Kourtney relives for a while before the coronavirus pandemic keeps people locked in their homes. Kourtney taught his three children at home and benefited from social isolation, but she still likes to share her past photos on social media. She does not hide how difficult it is to distance herself socially from her friends and relatives, but like many others, she is doing well. Kourtney Kardashian Shares Beach Body Photos As She Poses On A Paddleboard

In the first set of photos that Kourtney Kardashian shared, the gorgeous multi-hyphenation is seen with her hair pulled back while wearing a gray bikini that features an asymmetrical top. She paired the swimsuit with a matching pair of sunglasses and wore several ear jewels that added a decorative touch to her ensemble.

Kourtney has flawless abs and her toned physique was fully exposed with her curves. Kourtney is not afraid to show off his blemishes and has gone viral several times for photographing and showing his stretch marks. You can see the photos that Kourtney Kardashian shared with his 90.9 million Instagram followers in the slideshow player below.